This one time at atheist camp…

It appears that an increasing number of parents are willing to send their children to summer camps that elevate reason over religion and promote atheism as a “positive family-friendly worldview.” To a conservative Christian this is ludicrous at the least, and dangerously satanic at the most. Despite strong Christian opposition, these camps are available to “free-thinking” parents and their children. And, more notably, they are popping up all across America – even Texas has a camp, TEXAS! Welcome to Camp Quest!

Camp Quest began in 1996. Since then other states have followed suit. The camps are much like other summer camps; they include all the fun activities that are characteristic of summer camps (canoeing, swimming, rock climbing, T-shirts, camp fires, etc.). However, Camp Quest, unlike church and bible camps, focus on learning activities that celebrate reason, science, critical thinking, and the scientific method of inquiry. And rather than preaching the idea that morality is inherently linked to God and the Bible, Camp Quest teaches how reason and compassion are the foundations of morality and will lead to a fulfilling and productive life. I could tell you more, but their mission statement says it all (see below). Summer camp anyone? If interested, I have provided a link to their website at the bottom of this page.

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