She thought he was dead. He never knew she existed.

For most of my wife’s life she believed her father was dead. This is what her adoptive parents told her, and this is what the adoption agency told her. He was dead. He died in 1968 in a motorcycle accident before she was born. And then, three years ago, the truth was uncovered – he was alive. Alive! And, to make the story more amazing, he never knew she existed!

There are too many bizarre and amazing twists and turns in this story for me to mention. For childless Mark Shaw, my wife’s biological father, the discovery of a daughter and two granddaughters was nothing short of a miracle for him, a miracle he felt compelled to write a book about: Road to a Miracle (People’s Press, 2011).Needless to say, he still tears up every time he tells the story of how he discovered his “miracle daughter” and grandchildren. The below photo was taken two years ago on Father’s Day. Mark has just opened his present as his “newly discovered” daughter, Marni, watches on.

Any adoptee will tell you that a reunion with a birth parent is stressful and “crazy-making” in good ways, bad ways, and ways that language cannot describe. But a reunion with a “dead parent” after forty years adds a surreal level of craziness that is beyond words. If you can imagine two parallel universes colliding and collapsing into a single quantum field where multiple realities coexist, you’re getting close to catching a glimpse of my wife’s world. It has been an incredible journey for everyone involved. And the journey continues. It continues…

I’m writing this because next week my wife and I will be in San Francisco on a family vacation with Mark and his wife, and I’ll be taking a little vacation from my blog (we fly out on Saturday). In the mean time, feel free to check out Mark’s website. His resume is very impressive. His new book on the Kennedy assassination will be released on October 1, 2013 and is sure to be bestseller – well&… this is our hope! Mark will be a featured speaker at the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas in November commemorating the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death. Here is the link to his website:

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