My AP students on same-sex marriage.

According to the recent TIME magazine, fifty-three percent of the country supports same-sex marriage. And, if the attitudes of my students reflect the future, I expect that number to grow significantly with each passing year.

In addition to teaching World Religion I also teach Advanced Placement United States History. My AP students are all sophomores and are in the upper twenty percent of their class. They are driven to succeed and are the next generation of American leaders. And, given the fact that they are all college bound with high aspirations, I decided to poll them and find out where they stand on same-sex marriage. The results were not too surprising. Seventy-one percent support it, way higher than the national average.

Yes… Minnesota is a liberal state, so no one should be shocked to see an overwhelming support for gay marriage among my students. But the fact that so many of my high-achieving students are in support of same sex-marriage is a clear indication that traditional biblical reasoning is losing its grip on how young people think and view the world. What next? A female Pope? A lesbian president? I guess the next generation will decide what they can tolerate and what they will embrace. But for now, they are clearly – at least here in Minnesota – embracing same-sex marriage.

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