I received a handwritten letter from Emmy Award winning actor Leslie Jordan

Last year I received a handwritten letter from Emmy Award winning actor Leslie Jordan. Jordan, an openly gay actor and very short (4’11”), won an Emmy in 2006 for his role in Will and Grace. In the series he played Beverley Leslie, Karen’s nemesis and “frenemy.” (see below). I love this guy!

Jordan responded to a survey question I sent out to hundreds of different people from all different walks of life. Each person was asked the same question: “What(if anything) should public schools teach children about religion?” My mailing list included prominent gay and lesbian figures in America, among others. What is interesting is every gay or lesbian person who responded to my survey question supports the teaching about religion in public schools, and many made it very clear in their letters that children need to understand how religion has been used and misused to inflict harm on people. Not surprising! Religion, and specifically the Bible, has certainly been used to justify hate and condemnation of homosexuals for hundreds of years. Consequently, what Jordan wrote did not overly surprise me. Excerpts from his letter can be seen below.

Personally, I greatly admire Jordan’s statement about “the religion of kindness.” Perhaps it is time to create a religion entirely focused on kindness and nothing else. No theology, no hell or heaven, no miracle stories, just kindness. Hmmm… maybe we could call Kindnessism or Kindnessianity? Just a thought. Any takers? Seriously, with a face like Jordan’s, how could you not trust this man to be a credible founder of a new religion of kindness? I would be his first follower!

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