What am I?

Every semester a large number of my students are greatly surprised to learn that there are labels that describe how they think and believe. The words “agnostic,” “deists,” “atheist,” “theist,” and “monoist” are just a few of the labels and terms used in discussions about religion and faith.

Part of my job, as I see it, is to help my students understand the language and terminology of religious studies. The language and jargon of spirituality and religion can be confusing, and to help my students understand the vocabulary I have them take a simple quiz. The quiz is intended to help the test-taker understand the general label that is connected with their own unique thoughts and feelings. Today I am having my students take the test, and I encourage everyone who has an interest in “knowing what they are” to take the test. The link is below. (just underneath the below photo). Have fun! There are numerous other quizzes that can be taken. “Belief-O-Matic” is another good one, I highly recommend it (it is the second link at the bottom of this post).




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