Pushing kids out of their comfort zone.

My lectures have a tendency to make many kids feel uncomfortable. So much so that many parents will not allow their children to take my world religion class out of fear that their child will “lose their faith.” As a fair warning to my students I show them a cartoon on the first day of class that illustrates the discomfort they might feel if they choose to stay in the class. The cartoon is below (it might help to slightly enlarge your screen to read the fine print).


My religion class is all about introducing kids to widely established ideas and multicultural perspectives. This is what good education is supposed to do, right? I know that my lectures can cause some kids to doubt their beliefs. But doubt – as uncomfortable as it can be at times – is not all bad. Doubting traditional viewpoints can lead to great discoveries, investigations, research, and truth. Without doubt humanity would still be clinging to the idea that the earth is flat and seizures are demon possessions. Thank you doubt!

Or… am I wrong? I would love to hear your opinion, especially if you are a former student!

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