Guns, Jesus, Chuck Norris, and the perfect gift.

The holiday season is once again upon us. The spirit of Christmas can be seen and felt in every small town across America. It is, for all Christians, a time to commemorate the birth of the baby Jesus, the “Prince of Peace.” And, for any fans of Chuck Norris who are gamers, I know the perfect gift (see below). But first, a quote from Chuck:

“The baby born in a manger 2,000 years ago was not only a Savior, but a God of war. But, even more, he is a Prince of Peace who spiritually waged war on our behalves to bring us peace with God and a promise to live forever in heaven… The fact is, Jesus does support war… There is no contradiction between Christ’s commandments for us to turn the other cheek and defending our lives… The situation warrants the weapon – sometimes its love; sometimes it’s Smith & Wesson.”

Seriously, this might be the first time in human history that the words “baby born in a manger” and “Smith & Wesson” have been used TOGETHER in a single argument – I’m dead serious, I can think of no other!

Most people know that Chuck is a conservative evangelical Christian and a member of the NRA. And most people know the above XBOX game is not real. But given the popularity of Chuck and his ideas – and his image of Jesus (“God of war”) – I can’t help but wonder if there would be a market for “HALO Holy Combat.” For those who celebrate Jesus, militarism, and video games, this might be it – the perfect gift! Finally!

Hmmm… I wonder. Would people really purchase this game?

Oh, and if you are interested, Chuck’s entire argument can be read by clicking on the below link. In the article (2007) he explained why he was supporting Mike Huckabee for President. One of the reasons given by Chuck was that Huckabee (at the time) was the only governor who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, an obvious good reason for many, right?

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