Battle of the Billboards

Conservatives are quick to celebrate unregulated competition. They see it as crucial to a healthy economy and a free society. Competition, they argue, leads to efficiency, lower prices, and high quality goods; and any movement away from competition is a step in the direction of socialism and communism.

During the holiday season competition goes into overdrive as stores and businesses compete for our dollars. But it is not just our money that is being competed for, it is also our minds.

Believe it or not atheism is a heavily marketed “product” this time of the year. Atheist organizations around the country rent space on billboards to sell their “Christmas message.” The below example is from last year in New York City.

Holiday Billboard Battle

It is interesting (almost comical) to note that the Catholic Church, not wanting to be out advertised, put up their own billboard in a space near the atheist billboard. Ah…let the competition begin and all the good that competition breeds!


As Americans we do live in a market place of ideas. Competition is crucial for a healthy mind as much as it is crucial for a healthy economy. Thank God (?) for competition! Just a thought.

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